Image And Video Galleries

Image And Video Gallery Page Templates

The SITE123 website designer offers a variety of image and video gallery templates for your website design. Choose from slideshow galleries, carousel galleries or rounded images galleries. All image gallery templates are automatically responsive, displaying well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Create Image And Video Gallery Categories

Easily organize image and video categories inside the website designer builder. Create different image and video categories for your unique website design.

Bulk Images And Video Uploading

Easily and quickly upload images and videos to your website with the website designer bulk image uploading feature. Add videos and images to the same image gallery, or separate them into different galleries.

Photo And Video Gallery Title And Description Options

Edit the title and description of photos and videos in your website image galleries. Improve your website SEO, enhance your website design, and organize your images and photos inside the website designer builder.


Easily add a URL for individual photos and videos inside the website builder to allow linking to your website photo and video media with ease.

Custom Thumbnails

Choose a custom video thumbnail that will appear over-top videos in your website photo and video gallery to better entice viewers to click on the video.

YouTube / Vimeo Supported

Adding YouTube and Vimeo videos to your website videos galleries is as easy as pasting the URL. The videos will instantly display on your website, and be fully functional without your website visitors having to leave your website.